How Can I Immigrate to Canada in 2024?

Canada is the most sought country by immigrants all over the world. For meeting this huge demand for immigrants looking to move to Canada, the Federal government of Canada has started over 60 immigration programs. Based on the reason for the immigrants looking to move or visit Canada, they can apply for various types of Canada visas like student visas, work visas, temporary resident visas, PR visas, etc.

The Canada PR visa is the most requested for immigrants looking to move to Canada permanently from India. PR visa allows its holder to live and work in the country for five years. Some of the major benefits of a Canada PR visa for immigrants from India are as follows:

► Can live and work anywhere in Canada

► Access to the subsidized educational system

► No tax on income earned outside of Canada

► Can sponsor the application of their relatives and family members for PR visa

► After three years, the holder can apply for Canadian citizenship

► Can avail the benefits of social security